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July 25, 2020
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Generations of Indian Artists Create Ornament Masterpieces

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Have you ever wanted to add ornaments from afar to your Christmas tree branches? Or perhaps youd like to dedicate an entire tree to one or more international places. A great country to start with is India, with their amazing handiwork. You will not be disappointed by the beautiful colors and unique designs that are representative of this country. Indian ornaments are made from a variety of materials depending on the region from which they hail. Lets take a look at the various materials and skills that go into making such beautiful ornament masterpieces.

Metal crafting is not new to India and can be found throughout the land. It is especially popular in Allahabad, where the Ganga and Jamuna Rivers meet to tell this special tale. The various patterns that are produced in this region are actually named after these rivers, the Ganga-Jamuna pattern. In this region there is an extensive amount of gold and silver plated articles created with an array of patterns, especially floral motifs. Metal ornaments are also produced with various types of techniques; one involves creating a relief with silver and gold inlay. This type of inlay used for ornaments is famous in Bidar and is named Bidri. Common inlay patterns found on ornaments in this region include fish, flowers and the combination of a vine leaf pattern.

When referencing metals in India, brass and copper cannot be left out. India is the largest maker of brass and copper ornaments in the world. Kashmir and West Bengal are two locations where these materials are the base for some exquisite metal work. Regardless of the metal or region, the art of enameling is what produces such marvelous colors and really brings out the amazing patterns. Enameling is the process of fusing over the various metals with a mineral substance, creating color that produces a dramatic effect.

Beadwork, along with embroidery, is an art form in itself in many parts of India. Some of the most beautiful ornaments are created by craftsmen with incredible skill that has been handed down from generations. These ornaments are stunning and its hard to refrain from purchasing a few to complete your tree. There are some famous Indian artists that create fascinating embroidered beadwork to include Parvez A. Warsi. He has been honored with various awards and his ornaments are worth exploring.

Pillow ornamentation is a technique that uses beadwork and embroidery. The name is derived from the puffed look that is obtained when two patterns are stuffed with filling and sewn together. It produces an amazing 3-D effect with intricate details of hand embroidered designs, beads and sequins. The end result is an ornament with stunning textures that lend a feminine and delicate nature to any Christmas tree.

So if you have a taste for exotic lands, you wont be disappointed if you choose to decorate your tree with the magnificent creations of India. Youll receive a stunning and carefully crafted masterpiece to highlight or perhaps define your Christmas tree. Every year youll hang your Indian ornaments with pride and appreciate that several skilled generations provided you with a rare delight that will be handed down to your generations as well.


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