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August 10, 2020
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Add Personality and Spice to Your Walls with a Wall Quote

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Your home's walls offer you with large, blank canvas perfect for adding your own personality to the space. While paint can refresh color and change the mood in a space, wall quotes allow you to add a graphic element made up of text. From everything to a child's nursery or the family dining room, wall quotes allow you to create a focal point in every room in your home. 

The key to successfully adding a vinyl wall quote your space is to choose a message that reflects your personality, or the personality of the space. For example, a crafting or writing room may be the perfect space for an inspirational or religious quote, while a dining room wall may benefit from the addition of something humorous. Choose quotes that speak to you, your personal interests and those of your family. 

After determining what you want to say with your custom wall art, it is important to measure the space. With a pencil, lightly trace a box on the wall the size you want to contain the quote. Drawing a square on the wall a few days before ordering your vinyl wall quote allows you to decide if size is appropriate for your space. The square also gives you a guideline when ordering your quote. 

In addition to featuring different sayings and sizes, vinyl quotes are also available in various fonts. Deciding what font will look best in your space is perhaps the trickiest part of adding a quote to your home. Script-like, flowing fonts are more romantic and whimsical while block-like fonts provide a more modern, masculine look to the space.

When you are ready to order your wall quote, be sure to carefully evaluate all of the available font options. If possible, print out examples of the available fonts. Tape your examples to the walls where the final quote will be installed. Viewing the different fonts in the space is the best way to allow you to judge what looks best in the space. Choose the font that speaks to you and complements the room's dcor. 

After selecting the wording, the size and the font, you have one final decision to make. Often, wall quotes are available in a number of colors. Like paint, accessory color adds depth and dimension to a home's style. Your wall quote's color should complement the other accessories in the room. Look around the space for a favorite accent piece and use this as a jumping off point when selecting the quote color. The quote does not need to match exactly, but should be similar in tone to your accessory item. 

Neutrals and metallic finishes can also help a wall quote add some punch to your place. Shades of white, brown and black look nice in virtually any space and are usually easy to read. Neutral colors with a bit of shine or a metallic finish can help dress up your space.


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