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June 12, 2020
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Antique Doorknobs - Adding A Vintage Touch To Your Space Has Never Been Easier

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You decided that you wanted your home to have this nice vintage look to it. So, you repainted and refinished some things throughout it and even bought some furniture and other decorative items to make it happen. Now, you're pretty pleased with how things turned out. However, if you really want to cap off its look, then you need to purchase some antique doorknobs for the doors in your home.

Antique doorknobs are the perfect option for adding some vintage style to your home. They are extremely appealing to the eye and what's so great about them is the fact that you actually have a lot of options to choose from. How so? Well, it is because they can be made out of many different materials that are then finished in a variety of ways, creating ones of many lovely shapes and sizes.

For example, you can purchase antique door knobs that are crafted out of beautiful glass. Now, don't think that there is just one choice available, because there are actually hundreds to choose from. Like, ones that feature a simple round shape with a glistening mirrored center. Or, ones that are cut into a diamond shape and have crisp clean edges. There are others that even feature swirling designs. Plus, different colors are also offered from ones that are ruby red, to others that are baby blue, and some that have an emerald, even a lavender tint.

Another fabulous material that antique doorknobs can be crafted out of includes porcelain or ceramic. Generally, ones made from this material will be in the shape of a sphere or oval, but that does not mean that they are plain and boring. In fact, quite the opposite is true since they will come in all sorts of colors and will even feature hand painted designs like flowers or looping patterns.

In addition to the glass, porcelain, and ceramic material options, antique doorknobs can also be crafted out of metals like brass or bronze that will feature a finish that is burnished, brushed, or even hand rubbed. Along with the stunning finishes, some will also have looping scrollwork and patterns put right into them. There are even ones that will have distinct designs and patterns like star shapes, even eagles and lion heads.

When purchasing antique doorknobs for your home, make sure to get the right ones for the right door. Yes, there are different ones that do different things. For instance, if you're getting one for your bedroom or bathroom, you want to get a privacy one that can be locked. However, if you're getting one for the door entering your home, you need to get an entryway version that locks using a keyed cylinder. There are also ones that don't lock that are called passageway doorknobs which you would use for like a closet hallway and dummy ones that are just for show. To easily check out all the choices, just go online and do some comparison shopping.

In the end, if you decided to go with a vintage look when it comes to your home, then purchasing antique doorknobs is essential. They'll give your space a fantastic completed appearance that will have everyone running to you for decorating advice.


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