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September 21, 2020
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Foam Wall Art - Affordable Expressions of Softness

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Sweet fragrance and delicate features seem to overflow from the nursery. My small precious infant lay asleep in her crib. From this moment on I knew that I needed to protect and nurture her. The first place to start was her surroundings... Looking around at the nursery, the walls seemed bare and not aesthetically pleasing. They needed to be stimulating and give the child a feeling of security.

From statistics I read my husband and I were part of the majority which means not wealthy. We were actually living paycheck to paycheck. I thought about painting the walls but would that do my daughters room justice. What were needed are pieces of art that would make her room a haven. Some form of decor that would create visual effects and provide depth and creativity.

Low and behold there was an entire genre of wall foam art. Searching on the internet, it was easy to locate many designs, colors and themes. There were almost too many different patterns, sizes and styles. I was having a difficult time in deciding which would be the perfect theme for my daughter's bedroom. They all had some favorable characteristics in common. They were affordable, soft and safe, durable and designed to stretch the child's imagination.

As my daughter grew, the foam wall art would grow with her. Some of these pieces were stickers that you could keep rearranging on the wall. This helps your child with interaction and learning. We are all aware that the first few years of a child's life is crucial. With outlets to promote growth your baby is bound to succeed.

Since my daughter could not chime in to help me with the direction of what theme to select, that meant I was on my own. My favorite characters growing up was Winnie the pooh and company. So for one wall in the middle I placed a large foam Pooh Bear that was sleeping on a cloud.

It came with three hooks that you could hang accessories on. When you pressed his belly it played a tune. Included in the design was a bell ringing Tigger, a horn tooting Piglet and a whistling Eeyore. They came on a roll that was pre-cut and could be removed and reused. They seemed to give the appearance of popping right out of the wall.

On the wall close to the crib was the entire alphabet and numbers from one to fifty. These were bold bright colors and three dimensional. My mind was racing as I placed the foam wall art all around the wall with curiosity on what was going through my babies mind. As I worked I called out each letter and number watching for some spark in her eyes.

On the wall furthest from the crib there were glow in the dark foam cutouts of butterflies, stars, lady bugs, bumble bees, daisies and other flowers all in vibrant colors. The stars when touched activated and played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. They seemed to brighten up the room and simultaneously promote fun and playful interaction.

For the finale there were pictures of the entire family including the dog on foam wall art that I had custom made and proudly hung for all to see. This did cost a bit more but it seemed to bring the room together. As she would get older we could keep adding more.

To an outsider looking in this room, it gives the impression of having been decorated on a much higher budget. So if you are on a tight budget, with a little imagination and the help of foam wall art, your baby's room will be all that you desire.


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